News of Villedômer

New community café opens in Villedômer – November 2023

Lisa Benoit, Chair of the Twinning Committee in Villedômer, writes:

In the second photo is the team of volunteers who came to work on Sunday morning to freshen up the premises. The opening took place on the day of the final and everything went very well. On the other hand, I fear that it will not be good for our health, we feel so good there, surrounded by people happy to be there, we have a drink, two drinks, three drinks! In short, I fear that the number of alcoholics will increase in Villedômer! I hope we can have a little party there when you come next year.

Poulet Grillé Day – June 2023

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Here are some photos from ‘poulet grillé’ (grilled chicken) day, our annual celebration. With Isabelle, we make pancakes – we make several hundred!. And at the end of the day, the brass band played. You will also see a stand dedicated to our future ‘participatory’ bistro, which should open at the start of the school year.

Annual General Meeting in Villedômer – January 2023

Galettes (savoury pancakes) were shared!

Charity event – October 2022

Pancakes, pancakes and more pancakes – for cystic fibrosis this time

Bastille Day – 14 July 2022

No fireworks in Villedômer because of the drought, but citizens do a fanfare in the church square. Lots of people under the stalls came to share little snacks, refreshments and good mood.

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2022 Appointments

The committee in Villedômer met at the beginning of the May, to re-launch their programme, much as we have done before the pandemic.

Lisa Benoit is the new Villedômer twinning committee president and Karine Letort is vice-president. Lisa and Karine, and Tony Hore and Jill Gardner from Stapleford Twinning Association committee recently met on a zoom call to catch up and talk of plans for a future visit. We expect to be publishing further news shortly.

Earlier news….

Here’s a report in La  Nouvelle République from 2019 about the celebrations in Villedômer marking 40 years of twinning with Stapleford.

And before that…..
Cakes and trifles – March 2018

Hello friends in Stapleford

Last Sunday, the members of our twinning association had a meal together.  We made trifles in your bowls, using the recipes you gave us during your visit here last May.

We carefully followed your recipes!  It was delicious and there were no left overs!!!

Only one regret, our custard was a bit hard, next time we’ll use less powder, otherwise it was excellent!

We had a lovely day together and we were thinking of all our friends in Stapleford.  Please pass on our regards to them for us.

We hope you are all well and starting to prepare for the end of year celebrations with friends and family.

Best wishes