2022 AGM – Chair’s Report

Annual General Meeting – 17 November 2022

Welcome to everyone this evening and it is so good to be able to meet again and start to resume our activities.

The Annual General Meeting in 2021 saw the retirement of Jackie Bow as our Chairman after 11 years in that Office. A big thanks to her for all her sterling work.

It also saw a new Committee elected comprising of myself, Mary Cooper, Jill Gardner, Tony Smith, Anand Pillai, Patrick Thouroude, Gillian Pett, Kathleen Foreman and Tim Jessop.

As is the usual custom with the Association, the Chair and Vice-Chair are elected at the first committee meeting after the AGM. As you can see, I was elected as the Chair and Jill Gardner was elected as the Vice-Chair. I also continued as the Treasurer during the past year.

The various roles carried out by the committee were discussed and members appointed as follows:

            Secretary ~ Mary Cooper

            Membership, 100 Club & Newsletters ~ Kathleen Foreman

            Social Sub-Committee ~ Tony Smith, Gillian Pett, Anand Pillai and Patrick Thouroude

            Publicity and Website ~ Tim Jessop

As we start to resume our lives post Covid it has been evident to us that many people do not want to venture out as much in the evenings as they used to. Having started to begin our social activities again we will take this into consideration when deciding on our events.

We started off in June with a Tombola Bottle Stall at the Village Week-end followed by a Walking Quiz around the Village and then in August a BBQ at Tony Smith’s, all      of which were well supported. Unfortunately our next event, Bingo, Baguettes and Bottles, had to be cancelled due to a lack of interest. The Social Sub-Committee would be pleased to hear from you with any events that you would like us to arrange. We do have a provisional programme which the Sub-Committee will outline in their report.

Kathleen Foreman is now looking after the Membership and 100 Club relieving the Treasurer of those duties. She is also producing and circulating a regular Newsletter to keep you all up to date with our activities.

One area that your Committee have been looking at this year is the revamping of our website. Tim Jessop has made a lot of progress in this area to the extent that we now have a brand new one which hopefully will reach a wider audience than the old one. He has also organised a leaflet drop to every household in the village. He will give more details of these in his report but our thanks go to him for all his hard work

Your Committee have also been looking at The Constitution and are proposing some amendments to remove some irregularities. These are shown on the Agenda for your approval later in the meeting.

Can I finish by thanking the Committee for all their support given to me during the past year?

Thank you.


Tony Hore