2022 AGM Summary

Thursday November 17th was the date of our AGM, and in addition to five of the committee, 10 members of the Association attended.   In addition to the usual business of an AGM, a change to the subscription for an individual adult was recommended to £15, as it was considered right that it should equate to half of a family membership. This will take effect from October 2023.  In addition a number of items in the Constitution were addressed, including the introduction of a three year term for committee members, though they would be eligible to stand for further terms.

Discussion took place around the future of the Villedômer garden, should the rest of the area be developed as a Community Orchard.  Those present agreed with the proposal that the existing flower bed be put down to grass, but the Road sign to Villedômer, and the commemorative stones be retained.  It was also agreed that the Parish Council be approached to designate the title of Villedômer Garden to the whole site, marking the long association the Parish has had with our twin village.  The management of the former flower bed, would then no longer be a responsibility of STA.

Future events were proposed by the Social Events sub-committee which include a London Walk, a Progressive Lunch or Supper, a Film Evening and a Quiz.  Additionally, a suggestion was put forward for a “Ritzy Afternoon Tea” as a fund raising event. The committee is keen to receive suggestions from Members on future activities.

Conversation with the new committee in Villedômer, (President Lisa Benoit) indicate that there is a strong possibility of a visit from twinners in France, probably in June next year.  As travel on an identity card is no longer possible since our exit from the EU, some may have to obtain passports, which seemingly is a long drawn out process.

On display were photograph albums and memorabilia presented to STA over the years.