100 Club

It could be YOU!

For a subscription of £30 per year, members can ‘buy’ a number which goes into a prize draw every month and the lucky winner receives £25! Most members have bought at least one number.  If you are a member and have not previously taken part in the 100 Club draw, or would like another number, do contact us – click on ‘Contact/join’ in the menu or click on the envelope icon on any page.

Mary Cooper put her hand in the bag and pulled out …drum roll… Jo and Tom Robinson’s number! So they are our January 2024 winners. Happy New Year Jo and Tom!

The winning number for December 2023 was plucked out of the bag at a recent committee meeting. Patrick Thouroude did the picking with Tony Hore and Tony Smith paying close attention!

The number was Jean Hore’s so she will receive a handy £25 to help her through the Christmas period!

Kathleen and Jim Foreman’s number was plucked out of the  bag this month so they are our November 2023 winners!

Many congratulations to Soraya Tarighi, winner of the October 2023 draw!

Mary and Chris Cooper were the winners in September 2023!

Congratulations to Louise and Andrew Graham, currently touring Europe in their converted mobile home, winners of the July 2023 draw.  Also to Jo and Tom Robinson who were lucky in the August draw.  

August 2023 – Jim Foreman holds the bag: Mary Copper pulls out the lucky numbers!

Tony Smith’s number came out of the bag in June 2023!

Anand Pillai and Kathleen Foreman keep their eyes closed while making the draw, Tony Hore keeps his eye on them!

Our May 2023 winners were Tim & Kate Jessop. (That’ll cheer them up a bit as they’re currently recovering form Covid!)

Gillian Pett does the May 2023 draw with Tony Smith supervising

First number out of the bag in April was no. 3, Tony Smith’s. A bit of extra cash is on it s was to him for the Easter weekend!

Chris and Mary Cooper get a spring bonus of £25 – they are our March winners!

Our chair, Tony Hore, was the lucky winner in the February 2023 draw.

The first number out of the bag in 2023 was Clare Kerr – our January winner.

Congratulations to Vijay Pillai – the winner of the  draw for December 2022!

Hot out of the bag in November 2022 were Jo and Tom Robinson! The £25 prize will arrive in good time for their Christmas shopping!

Anand Pillai was the lucky winner in October 2022, so the £25 prize is on its way to him!

Jo Robinson doing the October 100 Club draw with Tim Jessop and Jim Foreman looking on

The lucky winners of the £25 prize in the September 2022 draw were Clare and Stewart Kerr.  Well done to them!

September 2022 draw: Kathleen Foreman and Jill Gardner

The winner of the August 2022 draw was Soriya Tarighi. Congratulations Soriya!

Mary Cooper and Jill Gardner – the August draw

In the July 2022 draw which was done by committee member Kathleen Foreman, supervised by twinning association members Jim Foreman and Chris Bow, the winners were Carol and Bryan Davies who have been exceptionally lucky recently! (I think it must be your round, Bryan!)

The winners of the June 2022 Draw, which was done on our bottle stall at the Stapleford Village Weekend, were Mary and Chris Cooper. Congratulations to them!

Jill Gardner and Tony Hore doing the draw!

The winners of the May 2022 Draw were Carol and Bryan Davies.

May 2022 draw – Mary Cooper, Wendy Heap, Jo Robinson, Carol Davies and Kate Jessop. (Photo taken by Kathleen Foreman.)

The lucky winner of the April 2022 Draw was Kathleen Foreman so the £25 prize is on its way to her. Kathleen mentioned that she and her husband Jim each have a number in the draw so their household has double the chance of winning!