2014 film evening

Stapleford Twinning Association held a film and pudding evening at the Stapleford Pavilion. As so often, there was an excellent turnout, over 30, with many familiar faces, plus a couple of non-members – who are always welcome of course!

‘The extraordinary adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec (directed by Luc Besson – French film with English subtitles) was screened. It turned out to be a ‘European style Indiana Jones’ film and, judging by the crowd reaction, proved to be very entertaining.

Bring and share puddings were enjoyed ‘a la mi-temps’ and a small raffle was organised to help raise funds for Twinning activities.

Special thanks to Mary and  Chris Cooper for providing the DVD and technical services.

All in all, a very convivial evening for everyone.

26 /01/2014