Committee activities

What’s the committee been up to?

The committee that was elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Association on 25 November 2021 was re-elected unchanged at the 2022 AGM on 17 November.

Kathleen Foreman retired from the committee at the 2023 AGM. She was warmly thanked for her contributions over many years. All other committee members were re-elected at the 2023 AGM.

Tony Hore (see Members’ profiles) took over as chair of the committee from the beginning of 2022. Tony has been involved in the Association for many years, recently as treasurer, and he continues in that role.

Tony Hore

Some Stapleford residents may remember Tony from the Twinning Casino nights run by the Association as their Casino Manager.

Jackie Bow (see Members’ profiles) the outgoing chair, was warmly thanked by members for her many years of able stewardship of the Association.

Jill Gardner (see Members’ profiles) was elected vice chair from the beginning of 2022 and is responsible for liaising with our counterparts in Villedômer.

The committee has had five meetings in 2022: on 13 January, 3 March, 5 April, 10 June, 23 August, 20 October and 29 November.

2023 meetings were held on 17 January, 30 March, 18 April, 2 May, 15 May, 8 June and 11 October. The main items under discussion were: the exchange visit in May and social events

If you have any items that you would like the committee to discuss, please contact us via the envelope icon which can be found on every page.

In order to tidy up some loose ends, a new version of the Association’s constitution was drafted by the committee and this was approved at the Annual General Meeting on 17 November 2022. Here you will find the new constitution. Further information about the 2022 AGM can be found here and here