Twinning Charter

The left hand side of the Charter is in French and the right hand side is the same in English. It reads:


Twinning Oath


Chairman of Stapleford and Maire of Villedômer,

being the freely elected representatives of our fellow-citizens,

certain that we interpret the sincere wishes of our populations,

aware that western civilisation found its origins in our ancient local communities, and that the spirit of liberty was first recorded in the freedom won by them,

considering that history must continue in a wider world, but that this world will be truly humane only insofar as men live freely in free cities,

Do take, on this day, a solemn oath

to maintain permanent bonds between our two municipalities, to promote exchanges of all kinds between their inhabitants with the aim of fostering, through greater mutual understanding, the true spirit of European brotherhood. 

to combine our efforts in order to further, to the greatest extent within our power, the success of that essential undertaking for peace and prosperity: European Unity

A T Chalk The Chairman

J King The President

The 26th day of August 1979

Pictured left to right:

  • Travis Chalk
  • George Dunn
  • Harold Holt
  • John King