2019 visit to Villedômer

2019 marked the 40th year of twinning between Villedômer and Stapleford! The exchange visit in 2019 was therefore even more eventful than usual!

Here’s a list of the participants and the programme, including photos, of the 2019 visit to Villedômer by a group from Stapleford.

The Stapleford twinners created a calendar which was given to each of the hosts in Villedômer. The photos of Stapleford used can be found here along with other photos from in and around Stapleford.

Message from our Chair:

This year STAPLEFORD TWINNING ASSOCIATION (STA) is celebrating 40 years of Twinning with the beautiful village of Villedômer in the Loire Valley. The STA is probably the oldest entity in the village after St Andrew’s Church, the school and the Women’s Institute. It is certainly amongst the most enduring village twinnings in the UK, and many friendships established in those early days continue to thrive.

In May, 30 Staplefordians spent a weekend in Villedômer where they met up with old acquaintances and made new ones and where as always, they were wined and dined most generously. The weekend included a formal welcome by the mayor, the planting of a tree in memory of twinners no longer with us and a visit to Chenonceau. For some there was a day in Amboise where Leonardo da Vinci spent his latter days. On the final evening there was a dinner at the Château de Jallanges preceded by a stroll around its rose gardens. The evening culminated in a magnificent firework display.

Here’s to many more years of Twinning! Vive le jumelage!

Jackie Bow,
Chairman, Stapleford Twinning Association